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Volunteering Opportunities

St. Vladimir Institute depends on volunteers and views them as an indispensable resource for achieving our core purpose.

The rewards of serving as a volunteer at St. Vladimir Institute are the knowledge that your actions will make a difference in your community and, at the same time, it's hoped that your involvement will provide a sense of satisfaction by helping others.

St. Vladimir Institute would be a much weaker organization were it not for the voluntary contributions of time and labour so generously provided by legions of volunteers from all walks of life over the many years of its history.

However, it's not enough to look back at what we achieved. Each of us must ask ourselves what contributions we are prepared to make today to ensure that the Institute maintains its reputation for excellence. By agreeing to provide a few hours of volunteer time, you are helping to ensure that the Institute continues to be the community symbol of what it means to be of Ukrainian heritage living in 21st century urban Canada.

Volunteers are the engines that drive a charitable non-profit organization like ours.

Volunteerism is the heart of a healthy charitable organization and the active members represent the heartbeat of St. Vladimir Institute. For years we have been blessed by the hard work of scores of individuals who stepped forward to volunteer their time.

We invite you to participate in shaping St. Vladimir Institute's future by volunteering:
•as a member of the Board to make decisions regarding the management and operation
• as a member of one of the committees, reporting to the Board, undertaking tasks and deploying proposals and recommendations
• as a member with talent, experience and time to undertake assigned tasks

St. Vladimir's Institute depends on the volunteer services of its members.

Please indicate below how you will be helping out:
• Board of Directors
• Event Coordinator (by tasks)
• Committee work
• Culture
• Financial Planning
• Facility
• Fundraising
• Operations
• Planning
• Book Sales (once a year)
• Computer Office Work (by tasks)
• Publicity (by project)
• Computer Technician
• Occasional (as required)

Contact St. Vladimir Institute in person or by e-mail or telephone or
Download the Volunteer Application Form and send / fax it in.

Over the years, we at St. Vladimir Institute have called on many of our members and friends to give of their time to assist the Institute's special events, serve on the Board of Directors, on committees and to assist the staff on as needed basis.

Every year St. Vladimir celebrates and honours and says 'Thank you' to volunteers for the many hours of commitment. It's the contribution of volunteer time that ensures the continued successful operation of the Institute of which we are all proud.

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